Change…What is change? Is it shifting to a new position at work? Is it leaving a broken heart behind to move on? Is it getting married and starting a new life with the one you love? Is it getting a new look?? Is it making new friends? Or is it simply shifting to a new country, to a new life, to a new you??

Every person defines happiness according to his own perspective; the way he views life. Happiness for some is a simple walk on the beach, a dance in the rain, or a glass of alcohol that makes them forget their sorrows. Some define it as money and wealth, while others just want a good health…Married couples want a family, parents want their kids to grow old and get married, a dreamer seeks a new life, a song writer seeks a seller, a writer seeks a reader, a poet seeks a listener….The list goes on and on….

What makes people differ is their mentality; the way they understand and interpret things & the corner through which they view life. We walk past each other each day, work together, eat and pray together but at then end of the day, each one us goes back to a different home. The home in which he was raised or simply the home he is trying to build. “So what are four walls anyway? They are what they contain. The house protects the dreamer” , a saying that happened to catch my eye. They truly are what they contain, what we put in these walls is what makes us who we are. Everything that happens in our daily life happens there; we eat, sleep, dream, love and be loved, laugh, cry, plan and live day in & day out behind those closed doors. But whatever happens in the dark stays in the dark, the morning washes away the nightmares, cleans all the mess of yesterday and opens new windows and hope to look for.

I am not a writer, I am a simple dreamer who seeks for a better tomorrow. A day in which all sorrows will vanish, all lessons are learned, all hopes are reached and all dreams are achieved. Change is what makes us who we are; shapes our lives into a new begining. If we pause to question why things happen the way they do, life will not await us, the path moves forward as we stop and if we don’t march ahead with it, it will crush us. So don’t stop, don’t pause, don’t question, don’t wonder, don’t regret, don’t review the past…just stand up, shake the mess, gaze at tomorrow, take a deep breath and move, just move forward. You know there’s someone out there waiting, somewhere you didn’t expect, something you never thought of or foresaw coming. So save your breath for that moment till your reach there, you will need it…trust me.

“Where you are is who you are. The further the place inside you move, the more your identity is interwined with it. Never casual, the choice of place is the choice of something you crave”…. Place matters, it defines who you are or who you once were. We strive for higher positions because we want to achieve; reach for the top. At the top everything looks better; clearer..We book the best tickets in a cinema theater to get a better view of the screen. We pull our heads high when things go wrong because it never looks good looking down. We buy houses with a good view; dull ones are never good anyway. We run to be the first in a que to place our order; no one likes it at the back.Place matters regardless of, it defines who you are or who you look forward to be…Where did the expression ” a place in the sun” first come from anyway? I think it came from a place within you, your own home which you carry along with you as you move forward in life. We all want to be in the sun, no one prefers the dark & lonely. The sun always brings hope… a glance of the day ahead.



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